E14 Post: Learn The Art Of Giving An Interview

When people think of interviews, they often think of searching for a job.  But for every interview there are two sides of the table.  Giving an interview is one of the best things a young employee can do to learn more valuable skills, understand their company, and reflect on themselves.  My most recent Element14 article extolls why it’s such a great experience for everyone involved!

….Why is interviewing such an important skill to gain for one to attain early?  Simply put, those who will join your team will likely have daily interactions with you and can make or break your time at work.  After all, these are the people that will be next to you during the late nights that ensue as project deadlines approach.  Do you really want to put in extra hours for a month straight with a person that isn’t very good at their job or doesn’t get along with the team?  Interviewing others is also a great way to meditate on your own growth.  We recognize ourselves in others, so judging a fellow engineer on their resume, experience, and interview can be quite telling.  Do you exhibit the same strengths that you admire in the candidate?  Are you currently making the same mistakes that are now biting the candidate in their job search?  What did others say about the candidate that could also be said about you?….

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