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e14 Project: Raspberry Pi 2 Laser Dog Watcher

My dog Penny is one of the best. She has the two critical commands of ‘come’ and ‘stay’ down pat so well that I can go for a run with her off-leash here in Denver. She’s gentile with our newborn … Continue reading

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Using a Raspberry Pi 2 and ownCloud v8 to Control My Cloud Data

A couple years ago, I showed how to setup an ownCloud server on a Raspberry Pi.  The system worked, but there were some performance hiccups. Most importantly was the ability for the system to handle large files and for the … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain SMTA Brings its A-Game to the 2015 Expo at Mile High Stadium

Last week the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) held their 2015 expo at the United Club of Mile High Stadium (home of the Denver Broncos). The event, which was free to the public, brought together … Continue reading

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e14: EAGLE ULPs Every User Should Know

I love designing PCBs. It’s more than just connecting wires in a given area; it’s devising clever ways to make connections while controlling the design for things like EMC, switcher noise, signal integrity, heat dissipation, and many more. But the … Continue reading

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e14: Laser Doorbell in the Cloud!

Sometimes the notion of the Internet of Things (IoT) strikes me as silly; why would anyone want to connect their dishwasher to the internet? But still, I wanted to develop a hobby project that would explore some of the tech. … Continue reading

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How to Characterize a Switch-Mode Power Supply Design with a Tek MDO3000 Scope

Most of the designs that I work on require some sort of power supply design. The power supply rails are the foundation of a good design, allowing one to hit not only the desired voltage level, but also low noise, … Continue reading

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EAGLE Libraries for Single-Board Computers

Single board computers (SBC) are a great way to run some simple linux or Android software with hardware that is small and low power. Wiring up some peripherals like cameras, sensors, or any other custom electronics is the most common … Continue reading

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Good Time to Upgrade the Scope? My Review of Tek’s MDO3104

I’ve been thinking about getting a new scope for a while. I currently run on a Tek TDS2024B 200mHz scope. It’s been a fine instrument for the last few years, but with the new mixed domain technology and my more … Continue reading

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Review of the new Fluke Connect System

These last couple of months CJ Gervasi and I have been reviewing the Fluke Connect system on It’s a neat system where Fluke is using smartphones and tablets as an additional user interface. Note that they keep the standard … Continue reading

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e14 Project: A Silent Wireless Laser Tripwire Doorbell

I’ve had a problem since moving into my new place that I can’t hear people knock at my front door. Sure I could get a doorbell at the hardware store, but those things stink. Instead, I thought I’d create a … Continue reading

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