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E14 Article: Denhack Lecture Series!

As many of you know, I love electronics, and I love teaching.  Probably why I’m so keen on BlueStamp Engineering.  And anytime there is something going on at Denhac while I’m in town, I try my best to make it.  … Continue reading

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Why not just finish it up, guys?

I recently bought an FM transmitter for my phone to broadcast to my car stereo.  The transmitter market is the same as any other market — you get what you pay for.  But because I’m not an audiophile, and the … Continue reading

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It’s Not Broken! It’s Just ….. Mislabeled!

Fixing a Bad Start Button on a Sharp  R-220HW Microwave “What? Fixing a microwave?  Isn’t that like fixing a ball point pen?  After all, microwaves go for like $30 new! ”  Yes, that is true.   They are cheap and very … Continue reading

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