E14 DIT Post: A Control System For A Fish On A Hook

After a weekend of fishing in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, I couldn’t help but to write a post on how my engineering mind understands fishing.  The equipment selected is a set of design parameters that can represent SNR, Bandwidth, and Sensitivity:

The first thing I notice when I pick up a rod and cast is the signal to noise ratio.  The main components that contribute to SNR are the smoothness of reel, line guides, and line friction.  Everyone loves the feel of a smooth reel paired with line that seems to just float above the guides.  But it is much more important than nice feel.  In cases where I am fishing for small pan fish, that signal can be awfully weak.  I want to feel the fish on the line as it gets reeled in to avoid that sinking feeling of the fish maybe getting off.  If there is coarse braided line grinding on rough guides being spooled on a nasty reel, I might get everyone excited about this huge fish I’m fighting to pull in only to land a clump of seaweed which can be used by friends to serve up a fresh dish of mockery.

Check out the full article here!


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