E14 News Article on Employment Contracts: A Pre-Flight Safety Checklist for Engineers

I am a firm believer that contracts are a GOOD thing.  Not only is it an opportunity for reasonable people to write down their expectations and assumptions at one time, but memories have a habit of drifting from reality.  Issues on responsibility, payments, ownership, etc… need to have some reference point that both parties agreed to during less contentious times.  Used correctly, they can save arguments, professional relationships, and friendships.  I’m afraid that not everyone shares this fundamental view of what contracts are and can do:

…..Here is what most people don’t realize about contract negotiations: it is a back and fourth. They proposed a contract that Jim doesn’t like, so the ball is in his court to propose a change that will make both parties happy.  Simply saying “I’m not signing that” is a great way for him to be perceived as an uncooperative jerk.  Instead, Jim will explain his situation and that he has come up with a solution that he thinks will protect the company’s interests while allowing him to live life.  Here is how he wants to change the contract:……

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