E14 News Article: Error Budgets Predict Circuit Performance!`

While working at Keithley I spent an immense amount of time working with error budgets and now that I’ve taken a few steps back from that experience I can really appreciate the power they provide to a designer.  Without getting too technical (since error budgets are VERY technical), I show what they are and how they can benefit a design process if allowed to soak up engineering time:

Many people have heard of power budgets where an engineer sums up the power consumed by each part in a design under the different modes of operation to determine if there are any problems with power supplies or battery life (it is also a great double-check on an individual part’s power consumption for thermal reasons).  The same type of operation can be carried out on analog circuits to see if the sum of all part errors is too much for a design to reliably work…..

Check out the full article HERE!


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