E14 Article: Denhack Lecture Series #3 – Test Equipment

Another Denhac talk is all set for Saturday 4/28/12 1:30pm at 975 E 58th Ave, Unit N Denver, CO 80216!  I wrote all about what I’m planning to talk about in my lastest Element14 article:

…..We decided that it would be fun to keep it going with more talks on electronics!  While everyone seemed to dig what I had to say, I think there was probably too much talking/drawing and too little showing.  Remember, this is meant to be as fun as possible!  To address this, I thought lecture #3 should focus on electronic measurement equipment.  This will give me a chance to bring in a bunch of equipment, talk about each unit, and put the concepts we talked about on display with a few demo circuits. The best part is that with multiple devices, the attendees can spend some time playing around with the stuff, looking at their datasheets/prices, and asking me about them.  Nice!…..

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