E14 Code Exchange: Microcontroller Choices for a New Coder

I’m just coming off of BlueStamp Engineering’s 2012 season, and I thought I’d write about some of the things I’ve observed while teaching students new to coding with microcontrollers.  It can be tough getting a project started when one doesn’t know what is going on, so this article should help someone understand at least a few of the options and why people might chose one microcontroller family over another.

…As with any engineering solution or teaching method, there is no single best approach, and I’ve had varying levels of success with a few different systems.  My canned response has always been:

“The best way to learn a new system is by recreating another person’s project.  So if you don’t care about the microcontroller, I suggest finding a fun project and using whatever system the original designer used.”

However I’ve noticed several differences between the microcontroller platforms that students have worked with, each with its own strengths and weaknesses…

Read the full article HERE!


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