E14 News: Hackerspace Surplus Sale: Increase Revenue and Members, Decrease Clutter

I love watching how the growth of spaces like my own Denhac develops as people begin casually making things.  Recently Denhac held a surplus sale and I think it really pumped up interest and made the space all around better.  There were a few things that I noticed made it a success, so I wrote an article at Element14 about what was so great…

 ….The sale gave the space an opportunity to quickly figure out if any of the unused donated equipment and books are worth anything.  What’s the best way to find out what something is worth?  Sell it!  It also allows the community beyond the membership circle to grab things that can be used for cool potential projects.  I know that it can be difficult for hackers to let things go.  All members have 10 projects on the pyre that could potentially use the spare parts, but there’s just not enough time to make it happen!  Encourage the members to either start the project or let the parts go to someone who is ready to use them…..

Read the full article HERE!


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