A Double-Kettle All-Electric Brewing System with MSP-430

For those who know me, beer isn’t just about the drinking.  It’s also about the brewing.  I’ve casually brewed beer for years, only getting serious with my own setup a year ago.  However brewing in front of a stove can be annoying  especially when trying to brew 2 different batches at once.  To make the experience better, I created a system that meets the following goals:

  • A pair of electric kettles based on the system that The Electric Brewery creates, running off a dryer outlet.
  • Variable power set with a knob, similar to a stovetop interface
  • The ability to shut one side off for only brewing one batch
  • Kettles that unplug from the system as to not disturb the other batch
  • Running off a microcontroller that allows for future design improvements
  • A quick and easy design, enabling fast development and implementation

I’ve got the entire system up and running, and it works great!  I’ve already brewed one batch and I have plans for friends to come over this weekend to continue the fun.  I’ve posted all of the design files at Element14, including a BOM (Bill of Materials) so anyone else can build, enjoy, and improve upon the system.  Here’s a video of me showing it in operation:

Check out the complete system HERE!


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