Resources for Early EAGLE Users

While teaching BlueStamp Engineering, I have several students ask me how they can get up and running with EAGLE.  And although EAGLE is created for getting users into the PCB game, it still has a significant learning curve.

So I wrote an article on Element14’s EAGLE page to give new users a view of what I have used over the years as I learned EAGLE…

Any schematic capture and layout CAD package will have a learning curve, which can leave a new user searching for resources that will help get the job done. CadSoft’s EAGLE schematic and layout editors are widely acclaimed as an easy way to get into PCB design, through no small effort on the part of the designers.  However there are many resources beyond the widely ignored F1 help hotkey embedded in the program (yes, those still exist).

To start, many attribute EAGLE’s success to their remarkable community…….

Read The Full Article Here!


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