E14: Suggestions for Applying To College

CWRU libraryBeing a part of the BlueStamp Engineering program gives me the opportunity to share advice with high school students looking for a technical career path.  I’ve been asked multiple times about what the best method is to apply for college.  And while I’m just an engineer, I thought I’d write an article highlighting what I usually say.  I also think that students find my approach based on candid truth to be refreshing, shifting the focus from ‘how can I get in?’ to ‘how can I get the best education possible for me?’

I believe that colleges want to accept students who are trying to benefit directly from the ability gained from the institutions’ classes, facilities, and faculty.  These are the students who will turn into some of the most remarkable people in their field, completing the mission that most colleges share of providing meaningful education. They are less excited about people who are trying to go to college because it is the next step, or because they feel that they need any ‘ol degree just to get a job.  It is easiest to educate students who are excited, motivated, and will turn a college education into a lifetime of success, while those just looking for a degree are likely to come out unaffected, unimpressed, and/or disillusioned with the college experience.

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