Frame-It: A Tool For Wading Through Millions of Parts

Hardware engineers everywhere know how crrazy selecting parts can be. Especially when a part change needs to occur months after intiial part selection. Why was this part so special? What were the nuances of it again?  Frame-it is a chrome extension that allows you to save a document or web page while taking notes as you go. Then everything is easily visible on your workbench.  I wrote a quick article to describe the tool, it’s quirks, and how I’ve been able to use it…

…Given the importance of the part selection process, surely there are many different tools out there to help discover, keep track of part possibilities, and manage notes that one comes up with while searching.  But sadly, the only tools that exist are the search tools provided by the part distributors.  These are great for finding parts based on a wide array of specs, however each search is merely a way to find information.  While some CAD tools like Cadence and Synopsys have solutions, they are expensive and generally only accesible to engineers at large companies.  Beyond that, taking notes and remembering parts is a job usually ascribed to Excel or a paper notebook.  That’s a great solution… for the year 1998!  That’s where Frame-It steps in…

Read the full article here!


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