Good Time to Upgrade the Scope? My Review of Tek’s MDO3104


I’ve been thinking about getting a new scope for a while. I currently run on a Tek TDS2024B 200mHz scope. It’s been a fine instrument for the last few years, but with the new mixed domain technology and my more regular use of digital technology, I thought now would be a good time to look at an upgrade.

Of course any equipment purchase needs to take it to the next level; like buying a new boat. So I have been reviewing the new Tek MDO3104 and how useful it is next to my TEK TDS2024B over at element14. Are you thinking about taking the scope plunge like I did?

Check out the articles!

(a) Scope Upgrade Series #1: The 70% Test with a Tek MDO3000

(b) Scope Upgrade Series #2: Digital Decoding and Triggering for Analog Analysis

(c) Scope Upgrade Series #3: Trace Persist and Analog Triggering

(d)Scope Upgrade Series #4: Computer Connectivity and Remote Control


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