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Using a Raspberry Pi 2 and ownCloud v8 to Control My Cloud Data

A couple years ago, I showed how to setup an ownCloud server on a Raspberry Pi.  The system worked, but there were some performance hiccups. Most importantly was the ability for the system to handle large files and for the … Continue reading

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How to Characterize a Switch-Mode Power Supply Design with a Tek MDO3000 Scope

Most of the designs that I work on require some sort of power supply design. The power supply rails are the foundation of a good design, allowing one to hit not only the desired voltage level, but also low noise, … Continue reading

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Good Time to Upgrade the Scope? My Review of Tek’s MDO3104

I’ve been thinking about getting a new scope for a while. I currently run on a Tek TDS2024B 200mHz scope. It’s been a fine instrument for the last few years, but with the new mixed domain technology and my more … Continue reading

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Review of the new Fluke Connect System

These last couple of months CJ Gervasi and I have been reviewing the Fluke Connect system on It’s a neat system where Fluke is using smartphones and tablets as an additional user interface. Note that they keep the standard … Continue reading

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E14: Reviewing Fluke’s VT04 Visual IR Thermometer

This past week I got a Fluke VT04, a Visual IR Thermometer.  It is basically a $1,000 version of the very expensive IR cameras.  While it doesn’t have the resolution or nice image viewing computer software, boy was it easy … Continue reading

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