E14 News Article: Error Budgets Launch Careers!

My latest Element14 article is based directly on my experience as a new engineer at Keithley.  Anyone will tell you how tough an error budget can be to work out, but I was amazed at all of the things it did for my job there and my career for years to come.  After all, if you are responsible to accounting for all of the error sources, you have to know what they are!

To the companies that look past these challenges, go great benefits!  The new hire gets the best experience possible: direct access to a senior engineer where lessons on how different circuits work will undoubtedly occur often.  This is where the majority of learning and passing of company knowledge happens and should be encouraged at every turn.  The junior engineer also gains the opportunity to be the resident expert on a topic by leading a project, all within 6 months of starting work.  The manager also has a lot to gain.  With the significant challenges listed above, leading an error budget is an extraordinary vetting ground to determine what the rookie is capable of.

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