E14 News: YCD Visits Sparkfun’s Autonomous Vehicle Competition!

This last weekend Sparkfun showed once again their commitment to their customers and community.  They setup a course and organized an excellent competition for hobbyists and engineers to race autonomous vehicles — both cars and planes….

Sporting many barrels (which were light enough to be pushed all over the place) and a hoop that gave those bots that went through it a 30 second time reduction, there was plenty for the cars to worry about. Believe it or not, the surrounding creeks and pond was as big of a concern for the airplanes as it was for some of the cars.  But my personal favorite part of the course was what I call the ‘Danger Zone.’  As the videos show, we were standing where all of the navigation failures occurred.  Nothing better than being chased down by one robot, only to be run down by ANOTHER robot!  But I’ll let my favorite videos take it from here (all of my videos can be found on my youtube channel).

Read the full article HERE!


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