YCD Attends 2012 BLUR Conference!

I LOVE sensors.  Which is probably why I got into analog electronics.  The idea of taking something that is in the real world and making it interact with a computer is amazing.  As computing continues to become more powerful and ubiquitous, the possibilities for sensors gets more and more fun.

With that in mind, I signed up for BLUR conference on a whim thanks to a suggestion from the Boulder is for Robots group.  I was certainly not disappointed.  The way people are thinking about Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is getting more people focused, and less technology focused.  It’s an exciting time for the industry, as my latest Element14 article describes:

 After the conference I came back to my favorite keyboard, mouse, and dual 23” monitors for the first time with a sense of archaic workflow.  It is clear that these technologies are gearing up to reach mainstream adoption in the next decade when we will all look back at the keyboard/mouse combo, and laugh.

Read the full article HERE!


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