LED Bulb Teardown

I, like most EE’s love LEDs.  They are such a great solution to lighting since they get away from the idea that something must be inefficiently burned (filament on incandescent), or nasty chemicals used (Mercury in CFLs) in order to generate lighting.  And although no reasonably-priced lighting solution can come close to the human appeal of an instant-on, ambiance-creating, warm ‘soft white’ bulb, the efficiency-crazed side of me draws me to the new technology.

I got a few LED bulbs from Newegg last month and posted a tear-down on the Lighting blog of Element14 which shows the construction to be pretty solid.  Sadly, the performance still isn’t there and I’d even prefer my CFL’s turn-on-delay and color to the new LED, but at $5 a pop, who’s complaining?

LED Bulb Teardown

Read the full article HERE!


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