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EAGLE Libraries for Single-Board Computers

Single board computers (SBC) are a great way to run some simple linux or Android software with hardware that is small and low power. Wiring up some peripherals like cameras, sensors, or any other custom electronics is the most common … Continue reading

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Good Time to Upgrade the Scope? My Review of Tek’s MDO3104

I’ve been thinking about getting a new scope for a while. I currently run on a Tek TDS2024B 200mHz scope. It’s been a fine instrument for the last few years, but with the new mixed domain technology and my more … Continue reading

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Review of the new Fluke Connect System

These last couple of months CJ Gervasi and I have been reviewing the Fluke Connect system on It’s a neat system where Fluke is using smartphones and tablets as an additional user interface. Note that they keep the standard … Continue reading

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e14 Project: A Silent Wireless Laser Tripwire Doorbell

I’ve had a problem since moving into my new place that I can’t hear people knock at my front door. Sure I could get a doorbell at the hardware store, but those things stink. Instead, I thought I’d create a … Continue reading

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Using Paper Protos to Check EAGLE Footprints

Checking footprints in a PCB layout review with only the on-screen file can be a pain in the neck.  There are many different measurements that need to be made for each individual part, and the mouse-based measurement tool can be … Continue reading

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E14: Reviewing Fluke’s VT04 Visual IR Thermometer

This past week I got a Fluke VT04, a Visual IR Thermometer.  It is basically a $1,000 version of the very expensive IR cameras.  While it doesn’t have the resolution or nice image viewing computer software, boy was it easy … Continue reading

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Arduino Clones Can Be Better Than Shields

  Arduino is certainly the most popular method of getting info electronics, or at least embedded electronics.  My BlueStamp Engineering students seem to gravitate to them when selecting their projects.  But what about after the first few projects have been created … Continue reading

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Finally, an Arduino library for EAGLE!

Have you put together an Arduino-based circuit and looking to nicely (but easily) document it?  Or perhaps you’re looking to create an Arduino Shield with EAGLE and want to start with the correct dimensions of the headers.  Element14 has come … Continue reading

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Compiling Chris’ Context: An Interview with Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell is an accomplished Electrical Engineer who currently works in electronics design by day and talks his head off about electronics by night to anyone that’ll listen.  He co-hosts The Amp Hour podcast, writes on, tweets more than … Continue reading

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Frame-It: A Tool For Wading Through Millions of Parts

Hardware engineers everywhere know how crrazy selecting parts can be. Especially when a part change needs to occur months after intiial part selection. Why was this part so special? What were the nuances of it again?  Frame-it is a chrome … Continue reading

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